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Nature is wise . That is why we must know how to take care of it and respect it while taking advantage of the resources it offers us. But not all of us have the ability to do it correctly, therefore, it is better to trust one of the best brands of organic and natural cosmetics such as Madara Organic Skincare. The soul of this brand from Latvia is reflected in its motto "Beauty comes from within, that's why Madara begins her journey towards beauty in the basics: natural things, real and genuine emotions." Do you know the brand? Stay until the end of the post and you will discover:

What is the secret of Madara Cosmetics?

Madara was the fruit of four young Latvian women who had a common purpose, a natural lifestyle. Lotte, producer and creative of the firm, was motivated to create the brand by trying a cosmetic product that caused her allergies. He examined the product and found that it contained a large number of synthetic and body-damaging ingredients. From there, together with Zane, Paula and Liene, friends of Lotte, they decided to found the brand of natural and ecological cosmetics.

Etymologically, Madara, is the name of a delicate, highly aromatic and fragile-looking flower that grows in the fields of Latvia . Lotte saw in this plant the reflection of femininity and natural beauty. Since its creation, Madara has been in crescendo, producing a wide range of certified organic products, for hair, body, face, lips, even, it has a line of items for babies.

The firm's success has been so great that it has been awarded several prizes worldwide , such as the Best Business Reputation Awards 2009, as the best ecological company; the award for innovation and the best product design; the Cosmo Beauty Award 2010 that it got thanks to the cleansing milk; or the Shape Beauty Awards in 2008 as the best ecological product.

The natural and ecological alternative that your body needs

Madara items are free of parabens, synthetic ingredients and mineral oils . Its components come from extracts of native plants of the Baltic region of Latvia, where the vegetation is acclimated to frost, cold and low temperatures, hence its unique properties.

Madara is the natural solution to the main needs of our skin and our body. You can find bath gels, lotions, cleansers, facial and body creams, as well as specific treatments for all skin types.

One of its strengths was the result of a study carried out by the University of Latvia , in which a revolutionary formula was tested for the products to be effective to combat the signs of aging, creating products capable of protecting the skin from free radicals and increasing collagen naturally.

In addition, the brand is considered Cruelty Free , so its products are not tested on animals. Also, the packaging of its products is very pleasing to the eye, with a clean and fresh design, like its interior. Since 2008, Madara has been certified by EcoCert , which guarantees that more than 95% of the ingredients are natural, without perfumes, dyes, or synthetic preservatives.

Now that you know a little more about who, from where and, most importantly, how they work at Madara Cosmetics, what better way than to try their products, right? Have you tried any? Head over to the  Madara section. 

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