Hair loss in men: how to prevent and treat it

Hi friends! Today we are going to talk about hair loss in men . Hair loss is very common, but do you know why it happens?

In this post we are going to talk more in depth about the subject, we will also have the help of Juan Molina, hair surgeon at the Mataró Hair Transplant Institute. Do not miss it!

Main reasons for hair loss

The truth is that in approximately 90% of the cases of hair loss in men, genetic and hormonal reasons are responsible. Male hormones are responsible for some men's hair becoming thinner and weaker until it begins to fall permanently.

In these cases it is very important to act from the first moment, since the sooner the hair loss is treated, the longer it will be possible to maintain it. It is true that when there is a hormonal cause, in the end the hair will end up falling permanently, that is, it will not be possible to avoid alopecia, but it can be delayed even several years.

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What happens to the other 10% of men who suffer from hair loss? Well, here other very diverse reasons would be included, among which the following stand out:

In any of these cases, it is important to address both the problem that causes hair loss and that loss. If the problem causing the fall is not treated, it will continue to occur, so it is necessary to change the habits, treatments or situations that are causing the alopecia.

But if at the same time the hair is not helped by strengthening it and reinforcing its roots, what begins as an occasional fall can end up becoming permanent alopecia.

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Treatments to stop hair loss

These treatments are effective when the hair root has not yet died and help it to become stronger.

They also act on the hair itself, making it stronger and thicker, which will give the sensation of thicker hair.

There are many different types of treatment that are offered in different formats. If we look at its active principle, these are some of the most used.

Treatments with Aminexil:  Aminexil is widely used in anti-hair loss treatments. It contributes to a better anchoring of the hair fiber to the scalp.

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Sulfur treatments: Sulfur stimulates the production of collagen, one of the most important elements in hair formation.

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Keratin treatments: Keratin is part of the hair and the treatments that add it give the hair more strength and thickness.

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Treatments with plant extracts: They are natural treatments that provide the hair with nutrients and vitamins to be stronger. They are perfect when hair loss occurs due to a specific nutritional deficiency.

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Is it possible to recover hair that has already been lost?

It is necessary to differentiate between hair that has fallen out and that takes time to be reborn because the hair follicle is weak and that whose follicle has died and will no longer generate hair.

In very simple terms, if the hair root is weak it is still possible to strengthen it with treatments and get the hair to sprout again. But if the root is no more, there is no way for the hair to sprout again.

Once we no longer have the root of the hair, the only solution remains to resort to centers such as the Hair Transplant Institute and assess the possibility of having a hair graft.

Current grafting techniques are much more effective and offer very natural results. The hair that is born after a hair transplant using the FUE or FUSS techniques results in hair identical to the original of the person and that does not differ from the one that is still preserved. Also, this hair will not fall out again.

Another great incentive in hair transplants is their price, which has dropped considerably in recent years. This, together with the financing that many clinics offer, makes transplantation no longer just something available to people with high economic resources and has made many men dare to leave their baldness problems behind.

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