women's hair loss causes and treatments

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This situation usually worries women a lot, who seek different techniques and treatments to prevent it. Therefore, in today's post I give you all the details about this problem, focusing on the following points:

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Hair loss, baldness and female alopecia.

Unlike men, women tend to have fewer problems with alopecia or baldness. Despite this, when it occurs, it tends to affect more, mainly in  self-esteem.

Who is more prone to hair loss? Hair loss can occur in anyone and at any age,  although it is more common after 40-50 years. The key is to detect symptoms early to find a quick solution.

Baldness that generally occurs in women is known as female pattern baldness. It can appear for different reasons and is evidenced by different symptoms.

Some of these  symptoms are:

In the case of women, baldness appears when the hair begins to lose  density and volume, giving rise to unwanted highlights. Unlike men, women do not usually achieve complete baldness.

On the other hand, traction alopecia  is one that is produced by stretching the hair too much, either by combing too many straps on a daily basis or by constantly wearing hats.

Since you know everything about baldness in women and its symptoms, it is time to know what are the main causes that lead to it.

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Causes of hair loss

Surely you are wondering what are the causes of hair loss ...? When we perceive that it falls more frequently than normal, we tend to think that it is motivated by the season of the year, especially in autumn. Although it can play a role, there are also other factors that contribute to hair loss. Next, I will indicate the factors that affect the most.

Factors that influence hair loss.

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Treatments to stop hair loss

Now that you know what are the main causes that cause hair loss, it is time to find out the most indicated treatments to prevent and combat it.

From the first moment you notice excessive hair loss, I recommend you go to the dermatologist. He will help you detect the problem you have and give you a solution.

Today, the market offers many methods that stop or fight hair loss such as:

If you are looking for cheaper and easier to apply methods , I propose a series of products that will help strengthen your hair and prevent it from falling out.

Economic treatments


A question that usually arises is: Does washing affect hair loss? Even if you think otherwise, washing your hair often does not accelerate its fall. On the contrary, washing helps to keep the scalp clean and prevent future flaking or oiliness.

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