How to close the pores on your face

We know that showing off beautiful and healthy skin is not an easy task. But if something is true, it is that closing the pores on your face can be decisive when it comes to making your skin look radiant and attractive.

Maintaining a cleansing routine and doing some facial treatments can go a long way toward closing your pores and looking healthy.

Here are 5 tips to close the pores on the face in a simple and effective way.

1-2Clean your face every day

Every day you should acquire the routine of washing your face with some cream, milk or cleansing gel to remove the rest of the makeup or the residues that have adhered to your skin throughout the day. Once clean, you can rinse your face with warm water and pat dry with a soft towel so as not to irritate your skin. It is a way to close the open pores of your face and thus look better.

2-2Use facial scrubs

Choosing an appropriate facial scrub for your skin type is not as easy as it sounds. If you are going to perform a deep cleaning with exfoliants to close the pores, you should bear in mind that those exfoliants  with granules are not recommended for daily use. Choosing a scrub that is sulfate- and silicone-free is a good choice if you want to follow this routine every week.

3-2Rinse and tone after cleansing your face

If you have decided to use masks to close the pores or a specific cream, it is important that you rinse and tone your face to remove any traces of dirt or product that may have remained on your skin. There are special tonics that will help your pores look enlarged.

4-2Rinse with water daily to close pores

A good way to avoid enlarged pores on your face is to rinse your face with plenty of water every morning. Try doing this step without any cream to specifically tighten your pores. Letting your face rest from products is also recommended to show off beautiful skin.

5-2Hydrate your skin to finish the routine of closing your pores

It is very important that you hydrate your skin after each treatment or step you follow to close the pores on your face, try to make it a cream that does not contain too many chemicals or perfumes, so you will ensure that you will not irritate or dry out your skin, this will always avoid make pores look bigger.

If your goal was to eliminate enlarged pores, you already know that with a correct facial cleansing routine and using the appropriate products, you will be able to show off healthy, glowing skin, without that hateful appearance of open pores. Now yes, get down to work and get a radiant look!

And you, how do you not show off your face without open pores? Have you tried other techniques, how have they worked for you? We want to hear you!

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