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Are you an unconditional follower of natural cosmetics? Is your skin sensitive or easily irritated by makeup? We are committed to brands that work with 100% natural ingredients . Today, we introduce you to the British makeup brand everyone is talking about: Lily Lolo .

The line was founded in 2005 by makeup specialist Vikki Khan . The first curiosity of the brand is the name, since it comes from Vikki's sisters, Lisa (Lily) and Lorraine (Lolo). The firm was born, according to the founder herself, with the intention of “offering the best possible natural makeup that meets the individual needs of each one, beyond the professional”.

Mineral – Ideal – Natural

Lily Lolo's hallmark is the composition of its products. Made with 100% natural and non-toxic ingredients , the brand promotes the use of minerals in each of its items, without adding parabens, artificial colors or synthetic perfumes. Thus, the ingredients most used by Lily Lolo, apart from natural pigments, are waxes, oils and vegetable butters.
It should be noted that Lily Lolo does not use Bismuth OxyCloride in any of her formulas, a mineral that is quite irritating to the skin and that other brands of mineral makeup do.

Lily Lolo - Dismantling Vikki Khan's signature

From loose powders to pressed powders, from compact eyeshadows to mineral eyeshadows. The world of cosmetics for Lily Lolo has no barriers. Among its articles you will find translucent mattifying primers and powders; foundation and BB creams; lipsticks and glosses; loose and compact blushes; even makeup brushes, all with the 'green' brand guarantee.
One of the advantages of Lily Lolo products is that they not only remain flawless on your skin but also help it, since it hydrates and protects from external factors thanks to its composition. No matter what type of skin you have, be it dry, oily or combination, the end result will be unique. In addition, as soon as you try it you will realize the high pigmentation they have.
If we stop to observe the packaging , we see how Lily Lolo takes care of each format in detail, with a compact and elegant touch . In addition, several of their products have mini-sizes, ideal for carrying in your bag.

What do you think of the English firm? Do you already use Lily Lolo products? If you have any doubts or questions about this or other brands, do not hesitate to comment and we will be happy to assist you.
And remember, you will find this and other makeup firms, with more than 20,000 products!

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