The 4 makeup trends you need to know in 2019

Hello friends! How are you doing? I'm back here with a star song so get ready and don't miss a single one. 🙂 Today I want to show you all the news and trends that are and will continue to be worn this year . For this, I have made a selection of the best makeups that are succeeding this 2019  and will give a unique light to your face. 

As you know, fashion catwalks and designers' creations let us see what the trends will be for next season. In this case, it comes with a very varied makeup, in which the lips and eyes have a huge role. This range of possibilities will allow each person to find their own style within the trends for winter / summer / autumn this year.

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Matte finish and dark colors: the best for 2019

If you were doubting which would be the perfect lips to dazzle this season, there is no option: dark colors will be this year's must-have . This trend has been developing for a long time, but there is still much to discover about it. For this reason, they will continue to be very present in the next year with numerous variations. A perfect time to renew your lipstick collection and make a new one with the most innovative and groundbreaking.

You will have already seen them on the lips of the famous and the best catwalks, and even on the street. Their great success has made these shades a perfect solution for any look . Who can imagine a makeup without dark lips? As for colors, burgundy and wine red are still kings , but 'vamp' purples, dark browns and explosive pinks are coming out strong.

makeup trends 2018

It does not matter if you wear a natural, casual or groomed look, the key is to show off a  perfect coverage, totally opaque, so that your mouth is very seductive and sensual. And what is missing to complete the best lip look? The finish.

Undoubtedly, dark lips occupy an indisputable space in your makeup, but their triumph will be even more secure if you use u lipstick matte .

But be careful, it is recommended that your lips are hydrated before applying any matte lipstick, so that the color is better distributed and there are no lumps.

You can also rub them with a toothbrush in gentle circular movements, and you will reactivate the circulation in the area and improve the texture by removing dead cells. Or if you prefer to follow the perfect routine, exfoliate them a couple of times a week.

Once done, you can add a few more touches of color with your fingertip , to give it a more natural touch . If you want the color to be completely matte and you can't find the tone you like, you can try applying compact or loose powders using a tassel or wide brush. To achieve more volume you can do the following trick: apply a touch of beige concealer, an illuminator or a lipstick of the same tone but lighter in the center of the lips, thus giving a touch of light that will achieve the volume effect.

If you want to give your lips the maximum prominence, the best way to do it is by letting the rest of the makeup be somewhat lighter , so an eye shadow of a color similar to that of the eyelid and mascara will be your best options. that your gaze does not steal the prominence from the lower part of your face. To finish, a well-lit skin will be the perfect touch to balance the darkness of your lipstick.

Basic and natural makeup will also be one of the trends for this year. Keep reading!

Natural makeup, the great protagonist?

Although strong and dark tones occupy a large part of the makeup trends, the natural look is also one of the tops of the season . Your face asks for more normality and simplicity than ever, although this does not mean that you do not have to put on makeup. To achieve a natural effect on your face, you will need hydration of the skin and several additional touches that go hand in hand with the concealer, the mascara and the blush (it is not mandatory to use all three).

makeup trends 2018

As I have already mentioned, the first step to get the perfect face is to take care of your skin. The most appropriate thing is that you use a facial cream that regenerates your face and gives it a unique glow. After this, it is time to put your makeup on, where we cannot forget that we want a natural finish, so we must avoid mixing tones .

Your best choice will be pastel colors, since their soft tone will create a feeling of purity on your face . In addition, they are very versatile, which makes them ideal for any occasion. After moisturizing the skin, it is time to use the concealer, which will be essential to hide those small imperfections. The difference is that we will only use it in areas where the skin has a little redness (around the nose) and where there are shadows (under the eyes).

makeup trends 2018

The next point goes through the cheeks, where we will add  blush to give a little color to the face and a healthier appearance, but without going out of the way . A good option is to use the draping technique , which we already discovered in the previous post. Remember to choose a matte finish, with subtle tones such as nude, peach or hot pink . Do not forget to think about your skin tone when choosing your blush, since it must be very similar to our skin tone.

makeup trends 2018

In this type of look our lips will be in the background to further enhance the natural. Therefore, they will be perfect if we use a nude tone . As for the eyelashes, we will use mascara to give them volume and highlight the look in a very simple way.

After telling you what are the keys to the natural look, do you want to know our tops to achieve it? Well here they are.

Eyes: the eyeliner and its thousand faces

The eyeliner is an indisputable makeup staple. Every year he reinvents himself, and as we are seeing, this  year  is being a revolutionary year for him . We have seen a multitude of shapes and finishes on fashion catwalks around the world, but always in the same color: black .

makeup trends 2018makeup trends 2018

His main technique is still among the current trends: a fine line that reaches the end of the eyelid. For those who are not very skilled with the pencil, the best option will be to resort to a liquid eyeliner, which is applied with a brush. And if you already want to do it fast, easy and symmetrical, you can switch to stamped eyeliners. Both pencils and brushes will make your eyes look stunning. If you want to create a l more feline and sensual ook, the 'cat eye' will be the best option. The difference in this type of finish is that the eyeliner extends almost to the eyelid.

But we can't move on to the next point without telling you which is the best stamped eyeliner. A real discovery for those of us who need to do a symmetrical eyeliner in both eyes, easy and fast. San Filippo , is positioned among the first options for those who want to get this top. The good thing about this eyeliner is that, on the one hand you have the stamper with the shape of the final corner and on the other, the eyeliner brush with a powerful black ink to continue the drawing easily through the rest of the eye.

So you can see how easy it is to use, we leave you this short video tutorial.

Full color shadows: the 'boom' of your look

For the most daring, there is a trend that will break all the schemes. Your eyes will capture all the attention with the shadows that come: in full color and with sparkles. The 'galactic' style was reinvented , with shades that brought light and enigma to the look. It is a trend that is and will continue to gain ground in our makeup, with very colorful shadows, where metallic, holographic and glitter tones will triumph .

makeup trends 2018makeup trends 2018

If you apply it on the mobile eyelid, you will give that touch of shine to your eyes without looking too exaggerated. Many brands have launched several collections of shadows of this type, so you can find a huge variety and choose the one that best suits your shape and eye color. From classic silver or gold to vibrant greens and blues, you'll have the perfect shade for every occasion. 

Although they are already daring in themselves, these shades can be added more vividness. If you want to get a groundbreaking look, you just have to choose another shade that has glitter, also highly acclaimed by brands, which each time add new colors with glitter to their collection. This type of makeup will be ideal for your party nights.

All this season do not hesitate to use impossible eyeliners and full color shadows with glitter, if you are daring, as they will enhance your look to extreme levels. For the more traditional ones, the dark lips in a matte finish and the natural effect makeup will make you dazzle in a very different, but also spectacular way.

So far my post on makeup trends for 2019 . But, what will be the essential makeup of the summer? You can not miss this post to find the key with the trends of the summer.

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