Multimasking, a technique as simple as it is effective

Everyone knows that the different areas of the face have different characteristics . Among them varies the thickness, the tendency to produce fat, etc. Why then use the same treatment for all?

Multimasking arises from this premise . What does it consist of? Read this article to the end to discover this amazing technique.

You can read about the following points below.

Knowing the Multimasking

This fashion has recently emerged and, seeing the results it gives, we take it for sure that it will be a trend this 2017 . As we have already said, our face has different needs.

The simplest and easiest Multimasking to perform is the one that establishes 3 divisions, and it is the one that we will use to explain this technique to you. Some variants include more areas, being able to use up to 6 different masks.

Thus, we will differentiate between these 3 areas:

  1. The T zone . The forehead, nose and chin, due to its excess of seborrheic production, so here we will use a purifying cream designed to control fat levels and reduce blackheads.
  2. The contours and the eyes . Here our actions will focus on reducing wrinkles and brightening.
  3. Cheekbones and cheeks . We will look for a mask with the power to exfoliate and soothe.

You can establish more divisions, also depending on the type of face you have.

Tips to carry it out

  1. Try to make each layer of a similar thickness , not too thick and not too thin.
  2. The facial skin must be clean before starting the Multimasking. 3.
  3. Apply the 3 masks, without mixing them , in the established areas. Always avoid contact with the eyes and mouth.

4. Let them act for 15 minutes . The most advisable thing would be to check the waiting time for each product, and alter the times of application (since it would be difficult to remove them separately) 5.

5. Remove them carefully . Most are removed by water, but there are others that work through removable films.

As you can see, it is not complicated to do. Design your own Multimasking now, choose the appropriate masks and enjoy this effective and relaxing technique now.

!See you soon!

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