Halloween makeup: the best ideas to dress up

Fear, terror, creep, blood and makeup, lots of makeup! This is what is going to happen in a few days. The Spanish streets are stained with darkness and chills on Halloween night. And if we talk about anything that involves makeup, there we are, to help you choose , get the best Halloween makeup!

In Bell and ethics could not be less and we want to help you choose the best makeup halloween, so you surprised, Attersee and above all, fun! We want you to enjoy the before, during and after. We want to give you tips and tricks to help you succeed and stand out with an easy, simple and creepy makeup. Do you dare? Ahhhhhhhh… let's go!

The curious origin of this terrifying party

Halloween has become in our country an increasingly well-known and recognized date. A night where the whole family, from the smallest of the house to the oldest, dress up with costumes and horror makeup. The little ones take to the streets for their long-awaited rewards, candies and trinkets that they collect as the most precious treasure.

But we do not want to overlook talking about history, and we will tell you everything so that you know how this fun and terrifying tradition came to our country.

Halloween is also known as the Night of the Dead or Halloween , a festival that has pagan origin that is celebrated on the night of October 31 , the day before All Saints' Day.

We owe the roots of this celebration to the Celts , who at the end of the summer, held a festival commonly known as "Samhain", its name coincides with the same objective of celebration, it consisted of a kind of farewell party to the summer and performed at the end of the harvest season in Ireland. After this celebration, the new Celtic year began, a festival that, in turn, coincided with the autumnal solstice.

Legends say that during Halloween night it was believed that the deceased spirits walked and mingled with the living, and rituals and festivals were held that consisted of communication with the dead. In addition, it was common to find the streets lit with candles for the deceased to "follow the path." Hence, today, during this celebration we see few lights and it is characterized by darkness.

Although it is true that the fact that this festival has reached our culture and tradition, with increasing force, is thanks to the significant commercial display and promotion and publicity generated by the US market. If you want to know more information and curiosities about Halloween, visit this link .

We all have in mind little American children running down dark streets in disguise asking their neighbors for candy and sweets. A night in which children and adults share a common party.

The protagonist of the night is makeup. Halloween will be marked by fantasy and creativity in costumes. Of course, you can always go to a costume store and buy everything you need. But, is there anything better than putting makeup on yourself and letting your imagination run wild? 

We think that awakening our most creative part is the most fun of a night in which, regarding makeup, anything goes. You can achieve amazing and creepy results just by letting yourself be carried away by your most imaginative part.

Everything will depend on your costume, and since anything goes, you can get the most sophisticated and elaborate or you can simply use old clothes, rags, and everything you find around your house to create an inexpensive and easy costume.

What do you need to get a good makeup on Halloween night?

On our website www..com you can find all the makeup products you need to make a horror makeup. And don't worry if you don't know what to do with them, with our video tutorials on our channel you will be able to make a Halloween makeup easy, fast and above all, simple.

We have liquid latex , with which you can simulate wounds, artificial liquid blood for a terrifying effect and the shadows, masks, pencils and other elements with which you can create effects and get a makeup with which you will be the envy of all your friends.

And now yes, we are going to what we are going and we leave you with the complete tutorials so that you can see them, decide and choose the one that best suits you and your tastes. You can always make modifications and changes to taste to get the best result, just for you!

We teach you to do the makeup of Harley Quinn, a fictional supervillain that we can find in American comics, a character who is known for being a frequent accomplice and girlfriend of the well-known Joker, Batman's insatiable enemy. In addition, she is a close friend of the supervillain Ivy Poisons, to whom she owes her power of immunity to poisons and toxins. In short, a supervillain who along with Batgirl, Poison Ivy and Catwoman identify as insane adventurers capable of committing the greatest of atrocities. So, make way, come the women capable of sowing panic among the most alive.

Harley Quinn Halloween Makeup

If you are looking for a tutorial to accompany your easy and fast Halloween costume of the protagonist of the Suicide Squad, you just have to follow these small steps. Do not miss any detail that here we go.

To become Harley Quinn you need to apply white water-based makeup evenly all over your face and neck . Use shadows in blue and pink-red tones to make up the eyes, like the Joker's girlfriend; and intensify them with black shadow. Help yourself with a makeup sponge to achieve a better finish.

Define the eyebrows well to achieve a more intense look, cover highlights and correct imperfections.

Get the details of makeup inspired by Harley Quinn using an eyeliner and  l black Apiz Color (Gosh Velvet Touch Eyeliner) , to simulate tattoos worn on the face.

With an intense red lipstick, make up the lips, then go over with a red gloss to intensify the tone.

If you want to give it a more picaresque tone, with a brush, blend the lipstick towards the chin.

Finally, apply a good mascara so that the impact on the look is even greater.

If you want you can accompany the makeup, with a wig, a shirt and Harley Quinn accessories such as a bat or a "mallet".

So you will have your ideal Joker bride costume to succeed this Halloween.

Mini tip, if you buy or already have a blonde wig but you see that it has a lot of shine, you can always try applying talcum powder to give it a more natural look and eliminate the hateful shine that artificial hair wigs have.

Then we leave you with the tutorial so that you can see it, you can also visit our channel to discover more content that may interest you.

If what you are looking for is a much more terrifying makeup, we propose a makeup with a wound and objects with which you will become the most striking of Halloween night. You can always let your imagination fly and adapt this technique to any object that you find around your house to customize a most original Halloween makeup to your liking.

Halloween makeup: wound with liquid latex. Nailed pencil

Do you want to know how to make latex wounds for your Halloween makeup?

Well, it is easier than it seems. If you are looking to surprise this Halloween or complete your costume, a good way is to make wounds with liquid latex. With liquid latex and artificial blood, you will have virtually nothing else to wear. You will only have to look around your house for old clothes, clothes that you no longer want to wear and voila!

With makeup like this you will notice how heads turn to look at you.

You will get very impressive effects and once, you get the hang of it, you can use any object to accompany the characterization: a pencil, scissors, soda can, safety pins ... everything you can imagine and come to mind will always be great following the same procedure.

Liquid latex is very versatile, as well as inexpensive and with it, you can recreate wounds and scars. Cut a pencil in half and apply liquid latex to the area of ​​the nasal septum that goes to the forehead right where you are going to place the top of the pencil. Press down, let it dry and put the latex back on.

Cut out the small strips of toilet paper and place them over the nose . With the help of liquid latex, fix them and if you want it to not move and be more fixed, accompany it with specific glue for skin. Repeat the same process at the bottom. Then use the  foundation to evenly apply makeup to the face and the pieces of paper . Spread the foundation to even out and match your skin tone to the fake skin you just created.

With dark shadows , go over the edges of the pencil, the nose and give some touches where it is nailed. Playing with the shadows you will give a feeling of depth . Paint the dark circles and darken the lower part of the eye to create bags for a tired and sick look.

Finally, take the  artificial blood  and finish going over the areas that the pencil has crossed and add a few drops and spills for more realism. Reapply cool shades such as blues and purples around the dark circles and cheekbones to simulate the bruise produced by the embedded pencil . And ready.

A very quick, simple and inexpensive makeup for this Halloween. In which you practically only need latex, a pencil and artificial blood.

Apply artificial blood to taste and voila.

A wound makeup for Halloween very simple, fast and inexpensive.

Witch makeup for this Halloween

And finally, and no matter how traditional and typical it may seem, we want to show you a Halloween witch makeup, but this is not just any witch, with this makeup you will surprise and it is also so easy to do that you can let your imagination fly and make so many variations as you can think of.

This witch makeup that we propose is very easy, you just have to follow these simple steps:Use aquacolor green paint to cover the entire face and neck. Distribute it evenly using a sponge or brush.

Then, with the I-divine Au Natural by Sleek eyeshadow palette or with a shadow in brown or black tones, go over and shade the entire contour of the face: under the cheekbones, in the nasolabial folds, which are the wrinkles that form when you smile; dark circles, between the eyebrows and on the eyelids. This is how we can mark wrinkles and key areas of the face.

Using the eye brow kit by Pierre René or any eyebrow makeup you already have at home, in a dark shade go over the eyebrows in an exaggerated way and brush strokes outside the edges to simulate more beautiful. With this step we are able to give a more terrifying touch to our witch makeup.

Reapply I-divine Au Natural eyeshadow  to create more wrinkles. So that these look as real as possible; One trick is to highlight the ones that form naturally. To do this, frown, narrow your eyes and highlight the wrinkles that form by applying shadow in the folds.

With the Gosh eye liner pen black or a black pencil, line the entire edge of the lips. It does not matter that you do not make it perfect because in the final result it will not be noticed. With a lipstick such as  Gosh Burgundy Velvet touch lipstick matt (shade 008) or an aubergine lilac, fill in the inside of the lips and add black highlights again with Gosh's Velvet touch eyeliner black to blend. Make a few more wrinkles around the edge of the lip and your witch makeup is done. Buuuuuhhhhh! We wait for you in the next post.

Did you like our Halloween Makeup ideas?

We hope you like some of these options and help you enjoy a night of fear. You already know that we love to teach you thousands of beauty and makeup tricks. Halloween will be the scariest of your life!

If you have any questions about beauty, product, advice, do not hesitate to write to us!

And if you want us to talk about a specific topic or tutorial, leave it in the comments. We want to hear you!

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