Make-up removers for face and eyes: all types

Hello friends of! Today we are going to reel off a cosmetic product that has become essential: make-up removers for the face and eyes. It is the first step in our facial routine, as it cleanses our skin and prepares it for subsequent steps. That is why we are going to know all its secrets:

Facial makeup removers, are they essential?

At night, when we sleep, the tissues of the face regenerate and dead cells are shed. Makeup clogs the pores of the skin, preventing this process from taking place.

We cannot forget to remove make-up when we get home, as this will make a difference on our skin. If we don't, this can wreak great havoc over time.

That is why the facial cleansing routine has become an essential ritual both day and night . The first step is to cleanse the skin, since with this we prevent wrinkles, oxygenate, provide luminosity and reduce the signs of fatigue and tiredness.

In addition to regenerating and preventing, they do not cause irritation and are very efficient: they remove makeup easily , so that no trace of the product remains on the skin.

Where do we start? Normally, makeup removers are suitable for all parts of the face, although sometimes we find them differentiated by areas.

First of all, we must start with the eyes, the most sensitive part and sometimes the one with the most makeup. That is why you must be careful when applying makeup remover: do not rub too much so as not to irritate the skin.

Then it continues through the rest of the face and finally ends with the lips.

The mode of use will depend in part on the characteristics of each product. Next we are going to see all the possibilities that the world of make-up removers offers us.

Types of makeup removers

Being an essential step in the facial routine, all cosmetic brands have devised different types of make-up removers, designed for different skin types and for specific needs.

Let's see them separately:

The best makeup removal products

Now that you know all the options there are, let's see the products that you cannot miss:

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make-up removers

make-up removers


Until here today's post. Do not forget that you can find many more make-up remover options for all skin types.

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