Makeup guide for small eyes

Having small eyes does not mean that we cannot make them up . An intense look is available to all women, so with this makeup guide for small eyes we will help you get the most out of it.

We will show you a series of steps and tips. With them you will discover, among other things, to make these appear larger.

How to make up small eyes The eyeshadow must be clear

When choosing our makeup for small eyes, one of the golden rules is to use a light eyeshadow . The reason is that shades such as white or beige, provide luminosity and spaciousness to the look . Dark tones would have the opposite effect, making your eyes appear smaller and less expressive.

The eyeliner? Forget about using it

The reason is that its use reduces the look . If you still want to give your eyes a bit of strength, draw a very fine line at the height of the upper lashes.

Help yourself with long eyelashes

Take your mascara, preferably with a volumizing effect. Long, separated and voluminous eyelashes help a lot to widen the look and stylize its shape.

The eyebrows, your secret weapon

One of the most recurrent tricks when trying to enlarge our eyes is to use well-populated eyebrows . Of course, they must be well defined, preventing any hair from spoiling our look.

If yours are not too crowded, use a pencil that mimics your natural hue.

Lips help too

That's how it is. And is that if we choose a dark and intense lipstick , and combine it with a subtle eye makeup, we will achieve a very natural and feminine effect, ideal for those with small eyes.

A touch of light as a final touch

Apply light points of light over the tear duct area, as well as the lower part of the eye and the lower part of the eyebrow . It will join the previous steps, managing to broaden our gaze and highlighting its beauty.

Here we end this makeup guide for small eyes, in which we have shared a series of tricks to make the most of your look. As we have seen, we have numerous tricks and allied products.

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And here we say goodbye, hoping that the article has been useful to you. Do not forget that if you have any questions, suggestions or experiences related to small eyes, let us know through the comments.

Until next time!

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