Makeup Revolution: English quality at low cost prices

To talk about Makeup Revolution is to talk about a full-blown world-wide English revolution. And it is that the London makeup brand has been going strong since its creation in 2014.

Thanks to the extraordinary results, with more than 300 products, Makeup Revolution arrives at .com with its own hallmark: passion, quality and super 'low cost' prices . Today, we bring you some of their products.

Valued and envied - This is Makeup Revolution

Makeup Revolution, as we have already mentioned, has a very wide range of makeup products, specialized in decorative cosmetics. It also has articles specialized in the care of brushes, makeup brushes or even makeup remover products. But undoubtedly the jewel in the crown of Makeup Revolution is the eyeshadow palettes . Today, we're bringing you three: Flawless Mate, Mermaids Forever, and the Redemption - Unicors Are Real Eyeshadow Palette .

Shadow here, shadow there

Are eye shadows an essential part of your daily makeup? Do you want a palette that transports you to a dream world? These and other questions are answered thanks to the Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palettes. Infinite range of colors, spectacular shades with professional finishes and, all this, without doing much damage to your pocket!

To get started, we open the Makeup Revolution Flawless Matte Eyeshadow Palette . At first glance, you will find 32 matte shades in earth tones , very autumn and wearable, which makes it a versatile palette, ideal for daily looks or daring and sophisticated looks.

Thanks to its ultra-silky formula and its powdery texture, the Flawless Matte Eyeshadow palette is easy and has a high pigmentation, with which you will achieve a professional and long-lasting finish, totally matte without satins.

The following Make Up Revolution palette falls in love just by looking at it. Your name? Mermaids Forever, which in Spanish would come to be 'Eternal Sirens', so you can get used to the idea which tones we are going to find. Dare with the Mermaids Forever eyeshadow palette!

It has 32 shades inspired by the sea, mermaids , the tide, the sky ... they will give rise to endless looks that will surely change your perception of reality and show others your most captivating and mystical 'me'.

With infinite hues, the Mermaids Forever eyeshadow palette encompasses the entire color spectrum, from striking, elegant blacks to soft, neutral whites; and with spring colors like leaf greens, navy blues and earth tones.

Finally, we present the Redemption - Unicorns Are Real eyeshadow palette that will give your eyes a magical tone full of mysticism. With 12 shades full of color and light , you will be shocked when choosing which one to wear, or you can select the one you like the most for each day.

With well defined and vivid colors , the Redemption - Unicorns Are Real Eyeshadow Palette is ideal to match. In addition, the palette includes an adapted brush, so when you receive it you will only have to worry about choosing your favorite shade.

As you have noticed, the Makeup Revolution brand has a lot to offer: quality, low prices, easy application, long duration … If you have any doubts, questions, or urgently need to know how, when and where to buy your Makeup Revolution products

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