Salt spray: we teach you how to use it and take advantage of it

In summer, after having bathed in the sea, you notice how your hair shows perfect waves . We love that feeling, and we wish we could enjoy that finish more times. But not the whole year is summer, nor is it healthy to continually expose our hair to sea water. Luckily there is salt spray, and today we teach you how to use it and take advantage of it .

Do you want to know more about them? Well, stay with us, since at .com we provide you with this guide so you can get the most out of them.

Without further ado, get ready to discover more about this magnificent product.

What is salt spray?

It is a product ideal for getting hairstyles very naturale s , inspired by the effect of seawater cause our hair. Under this concept, the salt spray was born just over a decade ago.

They are composed mainly of salt, minerals and marine extracts . With it, the sea ​​waves typical of summer were achieved , which cause so much sensation thanks to its slight undulation with a natural finish. The hypnotic hairstyles that it allows, accompanied by the fact that its use became popular among the famous, made the salt spray sneak into the toiletry bag of many women.

Wet or dry?

Its conventional use is in the wet , since this is the easiest way to achieve a soft curly effect. Although very rare, salt spray can also be used dry . If you want to do it, apply it after you have combed your hair and it will act like a hairspray. Thus, when using it dry, we find an alternative to conventional gummies and fixing products .

Some tips when using them

Why not try making yours at home? Fill an empty spray bottle with mineral or distilled water, 1 tablespoon of sea salt, 1/2 tablespoon of conditioner, hair wax and some type of oil (we recommend coconut oil. If you don't want to complicate things, you can also use Tresemmé Imperfect Waves

Do not go overboard with the amount . This is the most important rule, as it is enough to apply only a little salt spray, regardless of the finish we are looking for.

Your most natural bun. If you want a bun with a Street Style effect, apply your salt spray once finished. This casual look can be very successful for some situations.

How to dry it? To the natural, without more. When leaving the sea water, the most normal thing is that the hair dries itself and gives us those magnificent waves. So put the dryer aside.

We could continue to tell you much more about the salt spray, but we prefer that you try them yourself and experiment. If you have any questions, suggestions or advice that you want to contribute, you can share it through the comments.

Until next time!

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