Stretch marks: everything you need to know and their remedies

Do we really know what stretch marks are? Almost all of us will have to face these imperfections at some point in our life. They do not pose any health hazard, but are often unsightly. Thus, by the time they appear, it is best to be well informed.

We know that, although we can live perfectly with stretch marks, nobody likes to have them . That is why we have decided to create a post to tell you about them and their possible remedies.

We will delve into the following points below.

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What really are stretch marks

To understand what they are, the first thing is to know the meaning of the term détente. With this word we refer to the loss of tightness and tension of something, in this case of the skin. And this is basically a stretch mark, a distention produced in the skin, which usually creates lines in the shape of scars .

The most common places where stretch marks appear are the hips, abdomen, thighs, and breasts . And its causes? They are numerous, but they all have a common origin: the stretching of the skin. Thus, they usually appear during pregnancy, adolescence, obesity or accelerated weight variations .

Red or white, are there differences?

The two most common shades in which we usually find them are red and white. It is common to think that they are different types, but it is not like that. They are exactly the same type of stretch marks. The only difference is time.

How to fight stretch marks

The first thing to understand is that it is not always easy to eliminate them . Even so, there are a series of recommendations to reduce and prevent them.

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